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"Revolutionary Anarchy"

Here you will find answers to what Anarchist ideals really stand for. We worked on this project to give you the real side of the story since the governments and the media (controlled by corporations) lie about us constantly. If you want to learn more about Anarchy, the best introductory site is:

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Anarchist FAQ

We don't stand for unreachable dreams,we are not violent, we don't kill people nor use terrorism, we don't want chaos nor is our system bringing it as such a result.

We stand for Equality, Justice, Direct Democracy, Freedom of Faith, Expression, Thought...Emancipation of both women and men, anti-Racism, anti-homophobic, anti-corporated and anti-Nationalist, Internationalist, Education, liberty for workers, Self Management, Anti Imperialism...

In our present days, Capitalism, poverty is increasing rapidely (thirty-six years ago there was 40% of rich people and 60% of poor people, today it is 15%-85% respectively), jobs are more insecure as never before, more than 35 400 kids die every day of, our forest, animals and environment are suffering from the search of higher profits of the ruling class...

This crisis gave rise to Nationalistic and hatred feelings since many people took advantage of the situation to misguide workers, especially the youth, by telling them the root of our problems is to be found in immigrants. They don't explain anything about the whole capitalist processus which prefers to fire people instead of keeping them with a decent occupation in order to get high benefits nor that they actually defends those values...

We stand for Liberty of our minds. We realize that the medias are either controlled by the governments or by corporations. Thus they will only provide us with info interpreted their way to make us blind followers. Our solution to this is education. We all have to read, listen to both sides and make OUR ideas about a specific topic. Think instead of just listening.

We would like to hear from any of you readers. Please email our affinity body.

Because liberty is independance They won't pass, WE WILL!

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